Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Webinar session on Endoscopic Ear and Eustachian tube surgery. In this session he talked about Endoscopic anatomy of the Middle ear, brief overview on Transtympanic Eustachian tuboplasty and tips and tricks in Endoscopic Ear surgery.

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Redefining the Eustachian tube

Webinar session on Eustachian tube (ET) dilatation. In this session he talked about Eustachian tube anatomy, it’s functional dysfunction, different diagnostic modalities and detailed explanation on Transtympanic ET dilatation.

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Challenges in Introducing new technology

Panel discussion during 3rd World Congress on Endoscopic Ear surgery in Boston. Dr. Muaaz is one of the panelists for session on “Challenges for Introducing new technology in Otolaryngology”. During this panel discussion, he shared his challenges and struggles while he introduced Endoscopic Ear Surgery in 90s.

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Future Health Care Forum 2021

Dr Muaaz Tarabichi's insight and discussion during Future Health Care forum 2021.

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